About PUA

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The Peoples University of the Americas was established in San Juan, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1967 AD, by the Holy Orthodox Christian Church, which is the oldest Christian Church of history, founded by St. James on the eve of the Crucifixion. At its inception, PUA opened with two schools: the Faculty of Theology & Canonic Law and the Faculty of Philosophy & Literature. Master and Doctorate courses were available.

The School of American History and the American Government was inaugurated in 1986 AD, offering Bachelor and Master degrees.

The Faculty of Law opened in 1989 in San Juan, also offering Bachelor and Master degrees.

The Apostolic School of Natural Medicine opened in 1990 AD in Cayey offering the degree of Naturopathic Doctor. In 1995 the Faculty moved to Ponce.  The Faculty of Science began to operate in 1995 AD in Ponce. Since its inauguration, this Faculty is teaching Computer Science at Master and Doctoral degrees.

The Faculty moved to its mountain site at El Verde, Rio Grande County in 1998. 

PUA is governed by the University Council, chaired by the Rector and staffed by the Vice-Rector, the Director of Legal Affairs, the Academic Coordinator and the Deans of the respective Faculties.

Peoples University of the Americas obtained its Certificate of Recognition from the U.S. Attorney General on May 8th 1989 AD.